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Who We Are

NISSHO ELECTRONICS plays the role of the Sojitz Group's core ICT operating company with a worldwide network and operates as a global ICT company.

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Shinichi Teranishi President & CEO

NISSHO ELECTRONICS is an Innovation-Leading Company that has been providing the world's cutting-edge ICT to Japanese customers for more than 50 years. Today, we not only have a proven track record of providing IT infrastructure and network infrastructure, but we also assist our customers in their digital transformation in the areas of applications, cloud computing, and data utilization.
We're currently in an age where the world is changing in complex and diverse ways and no one is certain of the correct answers; and in the business world, I feel that our ability to perceive the very essence of the challenges our customers face is being tested more than ever before. I believe that we can become a reliable and trusted "Best Partner" to our customers by not only meeting their needs, but also by identifying and resolving any underlying issues, and by co-creating new value with them--both goals that we aim to achieve. NISSHO ELECTRONICS will continue to innovate together with our customers by transforming ourselves through the power of new ideas that challenge the norm.

Shinichi Teranishi
President & CEO

Who we‘ll be for you

Blazing a Path to the Future with ICT

NISSHO ELECTORNICS is “Your Best Partner” that supports your innovation by providing various solutions built on cutting-edge technologies.

In these rapidly changing times, we see our role as an innovation agent, the partner you need to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive business environment.

Building on a solid record of success, our goal is to be a pioneer by blazing a path to the Future with ICT and find an innovative way to help our clients meet the challenges of today.


What we do for our clients


What makes us different

Our standards and strengths are the foundation of who we are and what we can deliver to our clients. They are the essence of our business and what sets us apart.

3 Standards
  • Client-orientated

    The client comes first. We engage fully with clients to identify their true needs.

  • Strategy-oriented

    We focus deeply on finding the optimal route to achieving your goals, with a view to market and technology trends.

  • Team-oriented

    We partner with you to work toward a common goal, creating respect among people with diverse specializations and personalities.

3 Strengths
  • 期待を超える提案力
  • 価値を生み出す技術力
  • 成果につなげる実現力

Our 5 Action Principles

  • Find something excites you from the
  • Move forward with
    “Yes, And”
  • Think through based on the direct
    communication with clients.
  • Ripeness is all.
  • Be committed to seeing things through.

Let’s enjoy transforming and cultivating ourselves. Take the initiative in discovering what the cutting-edge technologies bring to our clients. We continue looking for ways to use technologies that will transform our lives fundamentally.


Creative solutions only come in an environment where all ideas are welcomed. We encourage idea generation by creating a “Yes, And” atmosphere where ideas are fully respected and developed, then analyzed to see which ones work best in a particular situation.


We believe that frequent interaction is the best way to discover client needs, and this is why we encourage face-to-face communication. Only by direct interaction and repeatedly asking “why” we would be sure we are truly in tune with what the client wants. This kind of personal interaction is the catalyst for innovation.


There is a season for everything, and timing is essential. When ideas are ripe it is time to act. We believe it is important to move without hesitation to take advantage of fast-changing developments in markets and technology. Our credo is: Don’t just come up with ideas: actively put them into practice.

To the last

Failure is just a step on the journey to success, and it’s important to learn from it and apply the lesson to the next steps. We are committed to “seeing things through” in all. By continuing to work toward a common goal, we gain the trust of our clients. We have grown through seeing things through, which is why we are confident of our bright future with ICT.

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