Website Terms of Use

This website provides information (the "Service") on NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION and our group companies (collectively the "Company"). Prior to using the Service, please carefully read and accept the terms and conditions described below. Please refrain from using this website if you disagree with the terms and conditions. Users shall be assumed to have accepted all the terms and conditions upon using the Service.

1. Alterations to these Terms of Use

These terms of use (these "Terms") may be revised without prior notice, where necessary. Please review the Terms each time you use the Service.

2. Purpose of Use

This website shall serve solely for your convenience and should be used exclusively for nonprofit purposes, at your own risk.

3. Copyrights and Trademarks

The information and images contained on this website are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights retained or managed by the Company. Users of this website shall comply with all laws and regulations concerning copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights when using the website, and information and images provided on this website may not be reproduced, diverted, offered for sale, or used in any other way, without the permission of the copyright holder.

4. Links

This website contains links to third-party websites that are unrelated to the Company. The Company does not manage such sites and we do not make any warranties regarding the content on such sites.

We kindly request that you obtain approval from the Company, emailing us at, prior to posting a link to our website on a third-party website.

The following links are strictly prohibited:

  1. Links from websites that defame the Company, our products or services, or our officers or employees
  2. Links from websites containing material offensive to public order and morality or illegal websites
  3. Links that make it unclear whether the material referred to comes from the Company's website such as frame links
  4. Other links deemed inappropriate by the Company

5. Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall handle users' personal information based on our Personal Information Protection Policy posted separately. Please carefully read and accept the Personal Information Protection Policy prior to using the Service. For more information please read our Personal Information Protection Initiatives.

6. Disclaimers

  1. While the Company takes great care when providing the Service, the Company does not warrant the suitability, completeness, accuracy, safety, legality, or currentness, etc. of information with regard to the quality of the Service.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage arising from the use or inability to use the Service, except when damage arises due to the Company's intent or gross negligence.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damage resulting from software or hardware accidents resulting from the use of this website, communications environment malfunctions, trouble that arises between users and third parties, or any other accidents.
  4. The Company may, without prior warning, alter or suspend the content provided in the Service, or discontinue or cease all or a part of the Service. At such times, the Company shall not be liable for damage incurred by users as a result of altering or suspending the content provided in the Service or discontinuing or ceasing the Service.

7. Performance Information

Plans and outlooks posted on the website concerning the Company's performance that are not historical facts are based solely on the Company's forecasts at the time the documents are disclosed. Consequently, actual performance may differ greatly from forecasts due to a number of factors including economic circumstances, and thus users should not rely on information contained on the website. Even when various factors that affect forecasts change, the Company does not always reviews future forecasts and does not always disclose such information on the website.

8. Governing Law and Court with Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed court with exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for disputes concerning this website and these Terms.

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