NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION has been an Innovation-Leading Company in Japan, always trying to create a new era.
    We will introduce you to our three core strengths which have enabled us to thrive.


  • Corporate Philosophy

    NISSHO ELECTRONICS Group contributes to communities as “ Your Best Partner ”
    — a loyal, trustworthy partner ̶ to our customers, partners,
    and all stakeholders both at home and abroad.

    Pushing the boundaries of innovation is in the NISSHO ELECTRONI CS Group ’s very DNA.
    Utilizing the latest technologies from around the world,
    we provide the optimal solutions and services for our customers.

    NISSHO ELECTRONICS Group and all of its employees comply with a ll domestic
    and international laws and regulations, as well as our own inte rnal regulations,
    to operate transparently as a business that strictly follows al l societal norms.


  • Jun. 25, 2019

    NISSHO ELECTRONICS Released Consulting Service to Support Enhanced Security through Employee Education by Pushing E-mail Training.

  • Jun. 6, 2019

    NISSHO ELECTRONICS Released Japan's First Service "Digital Labor Station" to Centrally Manage RPA Robots.

  • May. 27, 2019

    NISSHO ELECTRONICS and Kaula Started Collaboration in Blockchain Field.

  • May. 15, 2019

    NISSHO ELECTRONICS and Smartier Started Collaboration on IoT business.

Creating an innovative future together with you

Using our foresight to discern the future one step ahead,
NISSHO ELECTRONICS provide cutting-edge ICT and
realize digital transformation for the customer.
We harness the power of digital solutions to evolve your business,
and promise to deliver solid results.


Shinichi Teranishi

President & CEO

Shinichi Teranishi

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