NISSHO ELECTRONICS uses our network of overseas subsidiaries and Sojitz Group companies to obtain the latest ICT technologies from around the world. We then use our technical prowess built upon experience and operating know-how, and our eye for innovation, to fit those technologies to the Japanese market and provide a total package of solutions and services to meet our customers' needs.


  • An Eye for Cutting-Edge Innovations

    Since our founding, We have gained experience introducing the latest technologies from around the world to markets and, with our unique knowledge of our customers' needs, identifying trends with potential that can satisfy those needs.

  • Technical Strength Forged from Experience and Know-how

    Over the years, We have provided support to a wide range of customers, from large enterprises to service providers, through our unique technical prowess and solutions / services which we use to implement the latest ICT technologies. People choose us as a trustworthy partner due to our long track record for the kind of support and infrastructure development that bring results.

  • Proposing Ideas that Open New Horizons for Our Customers

    We value communication with our customers. Our stance is one of always looking for ways to work together with the customer. We therefore keep a close eye on customer and market needs, seamlessly incorporating our technologies into this stance. We place importance on being alert to the real issues in order to propose ideas that contribute to customers' business.