• Buisiness Model

Business Model

NISSHO ELECTRONICS strives to open up new possibilities and B4B solutions for our customers' business.

We provide not only product and services, but also the innovation realized by them.
Our solutions are born of the latest cutting-edge technologies to support our customers' business.
We are here to create new innovations hand-in-hand with our customers.


  • icon_businessmodel_no01Industry / Market Analysis

    We are constantly collecting and analyzing the latest information to
    determine future needs in our target industries and markets.

  • icon_businessmodel_no02Discovering Seeds

    We discover, develop, and commercialize new technologies on the leading edge.

  • icon_businessmodel_no03Planning and Technical Verification

    We define the optimal solutions for our customers and propose an ICT
    environment that can fully utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies.
    In addition to technical verification, we also perform
    testing and verification to further enhance user experience value.

  • icon_businessmodel_no04Design and Implementation

    Engineers in full knowledge of customers' ICT environments work
    to design flexible, optimal systems. Implementation of these systems is
    performed in a timely and accurate manner in order to provide
    the innovation required to bring added value to our customers' business.

  • icon_businessmodel_no05Operation and Technical Support

    We provide all-round support for everything from failures to
    the maintenance of stable and efficient operation. You can
    also acquire new and relevant knowledge and skills through
    vendor-authorized programs and other training courses.

  • icon_businessmodel_no06Improvement

    We take information obtained from daily operations and
    constantly analyze it for system optimization so as to
    make improvements whenever possible.

  • icon_businessmodel_no07Customer Problems

    We also work to determine what the optimal solutions for
    our customers are given their specific and individual problems
    and latent needs.


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